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Map Download

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Map Download

Post by Dante M Leader on Mon Apr 06, 2015 8:50 pm

The map is by http://senirajhin.deviantart.com/ . There's a story that goes with it, even. ^^

Many years ago, a ship called the Zaheria crashed into a rock while exploring unknown waters. While the ship was stuck, they were attacked by a wolf pack, considering the sailors as a very grave threat. These were the ancestors of today's wolf pack. There were no survivors, except for the captain's dog, Helm.

The spirits of the dead sailors roamed the land to find some place that had a connection to humans. They could find no rest elsewhere. They eventually found the Stone Ruins, and settled down there.

Helm witnessed his fellow sailors die before his eyes, causing him to go insane and, for some reason, also blind. He can still be found on the shipwreck, barking random pirate sayings at all times. But is he really as crazy as everyone thinks he is? He knows the truth about what lurks within the stone ruins...

There is one other who knows about the presence of the spirits. He goes by the name of Sideswipe, or Redeyes, which is his alias. Redeyes can sometimes be found near the stone ruins, but most of the time he stays on the Island of Isolation, cut off from the wolf pack. The pack believes he is "possessed and highly dangerous", but he is the only sane creature in these lands who knows the truth about the ruins...

The wolf pack came to be after a very traumatizing experience for Darkesh, the Alpha. When he was a pup, he entered the stone ruins. The spirits could not detect any connection with humanity in him, and attacked him. He didn't know what happened, but somehow managed to get out alive. The scars on his body still remind him of what happened that day, and the memories cannot be erased. He swore to himself that no wolf would ever have to experience what he had to go through, and therefore formed the pack.

A couple years after that, now that the pack of Lux Crystali is the seeming definition of loyalty and obedience, however strange are the ways of showing it. But nothing is as it seems. A daring, young teenager she-wolf, going by the name of Silber, had dared to disobey one of the most important rules of Darkesh's, and had crossed to the Island of Isolation, with the sole intention of seeking out the Redeyes, and learning more about him.

A new era seems to have begun...

mediafire.com download/qd6n8j3a0ubhksb/Zaherion.zip
It's not too big of a download. ^^ There are really, mainly, a few object packs and what not.

1.) Save the zip file to your "Exports".
2.) Copy everything inside the "Zaherion" file and paste it in the "Exports".
If your game is running, you may need to restart it in order to get the map's portal in "Cape of Distance Worlds".

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